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About ESOX Research

Esox Research Company (ERC)
is not just another lure company. Our goal at ERC is to assist fellow fishermen reach “the next level”. Recognizing the importance of knowledge and developing a mental attitude that is inquisitive in nature is essential. Learning to relentlessly ask, “Why?”and applying the knowledge you obtain in your own unique way is the key. Having someone show you what to cast, where to cast, and when to cast is not enough. Those shortcuts will be short-lived and produce random results if you do not persistently question WHY they were successful. ERC offers the tools and access to the information you need to become an innovative problem solver.

You may question how reading about behavior patterns in salt water reef fish, instinctive schooling behavior, operant conditioning, photoperiodism, fresh water biology, weather trends etc. may help you become a more successful MUSKY fisherman. Alone, this information is trivial, however, combine it with your personal esox experiences and you will suddenly realize how effective a tool this information can become when trying to solve the muskellunge mystery.

Please read the articles section to familiarize yourself with some of the theories and beliefs of ERC. Explore the multitude of links to an infinite quantity of research and information. Then check out our Products Page to see how ERC has developed unique tools and techniques to help you consistently catch more muskies.

Made with Pride

We are also one of the few major lure manufactures who make all of our lures in-house, 100% within the United States of America. We believe in American workers, American quality and American innovation. Our facility is located in Toledo, Ohio. It is a state-of-the-art facility and allows us the flexibility to manufacture unique designs and color schemes for specific customers and retailers.

Custom lures are our business!

If you want to improve your odds at catching the next world record fish, no matter what species, try one of our lures. They’re proven to work and they’re fun to fish.