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Esox Research Company(ERC) is not just another lure company. Our goal at ERC is to assist fellow muskie fishermen reach “the next level”.

Muskie fishing isn’t just about being in a boat and casting a bait until you are lucky enough to get a bite.  True Muskie Fisherman recognize the importance of knowledge and developing a mental attitude that is inquisitive in nature is essential. Learning to relentlessly ask, “Why?”and applying the knowledge you obtain in your own unique way is the key. Having someone show you what to cast, where to cast, and when to cast to catch a muskie is not enough. Those shortcuts will be short-lived and produce random results if you do not persistently question WHY they were successful. ERC offers muskie fisherman everywhere the tools and access to the information you need to become an innovative problem solver.

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New Squirrelly Hell Hounds™ !!!!

Same great action with a live action tail! Same great action with a live action tail!  We at ERC worked for over a year to create it and get it right. It’s still the easiest to use, most versatile Glidebait you’ll ever throw. Whether…

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Topwater Proficiency

Most musky anglers would be lying if they said they enjoy anything more than seeing a fish explode on a topwater lure. We all love catching fish on topwaters and I am no different. However for a long time topwaters were my…

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